According to numerous studies, only about 40 per cent of males in their forties have no problems with erection. Others have… You know, there are effective medications for treating ED (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra). But it is possible to fight it naturally (or mentally)? How to get hard fast without pills?

1. Sport is especially important

sports for ED

You have definitely heard many times about the necessity of the regular physical activity. In case of erectile dysfunctions, exercises are more than vital, since such problems are strictly connected with cardiovascular disorders.

It usually happens that ED is the sign of some severe heart diseases or hypertension.

In the penis blood vessels are small, compared to veins/arteries in other body parts. Consequently, the first signs of heart disorders, hypertension are manifested not by heart attack but erectile dysfunction. Regular sport prevents cardiovascular problems and erectile disorders from occurring. It doesn’t mean that you have to train hard daily lifting heavy weight or running several miles. 20-30 minutes of any sport activity, from light jogging to swimming or yoga will be enough for lowering the risk of such undesirable conditions. Staying active isn’t that difficult. Just enjoy the process: invite your friends to join, listen to motivating music while exercising, etc.

Don’t use transport (bus, subway) to reach working place or other destination. You will be proud of yourself after such walk, which will accelerate metabolic processes and will contribute to the blood circulation.

Forget about elevator. Use stairs instead. Going upstairs is always difficult, but you will get used quickly. Try to do 5-minutes exercises every hour if you have sedentary work. You may also have a walk every time someone calls you.

2. Follow Healthy Diet

Wholesome food, rich in necessary nutrients also play a crucial role in maintaining proper sexual health. Good eating habits minimize the possibility of ED occurrence. Healthy diet in this case doesn’t mean that you have to lose some pounds or eat products with low glycemic index only. The erection will be on the high level is you just consume necessary amount of vital nutrients and eat regularly. Small portions are also recommended.

Men, eating a lot of cereals, chicken meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, are at much lower risk to have problems with erection, compared to those, who prone to eat fast, possessed food, red meat and a lot of sugar.

healthy diet for ED

There are many studies, in particular Massachussets Male Aging Study, which prove the link between healthy diet and decreased risk of erectile dysfunction. Proper eating habits also help to prevent other severe conditions, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes (which contribute to the development of ED) from occurrence. You can regulate your eating regimen step-by-step. Opt for water instead of soda or Cola, don’t put sugar to your morning tea or coffee, eat boiled food instead of fried one, don’t put extra salt to your helpings. You will soon get used to these simple tips of building a healthy diet.

You have to remember that there is no universal diet for everybody. Try to create your own diet, taking into consideration your preferences and individual characteristics on how your body responds to different products. Besides, don’t try to change your eating habits completely in one or two days. Let it be the gradual process.

Each of your meals should contain:

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • white meat or fish.

Avoid the following products:

  • red meat
  • junk food
  • sugar drinks.

3. Be Confident

Some men suffer from lack of confidence when it comes to intimacy. This doesn’t allow them to get hard fast.

Easier said than done, but try to improve your confidence. If you have non-surmountable problems, visit a psychologist or sexologist.

two drink rule

4. Use “the Two Drink Rule”

A small amount of alcohol may help you to relax, but larger quantities may cause difficulties with achieving erection. So moderation is the key. Use “the two drink rule”: you may consume 1-2 alcoholic drinks and that’s it.

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