A condom is a reliable means of protection against many sexually transmitted diseases and a highly effective physical method of contraception. Nevertheless, probably every woman heard the complaints of men that condoms badly affect the quality of sex and sensations. But can a condom cause erectile dysfunction?

Condoms and Male Erection – Speculations, Controversies and Facts

Women’s magazines often feature the opinion that using condoms does not affect the sensitivity and male erection in any way, so women should not believe men who complain about such a problem. Authors of these magazines claim that with full certainty. Indeed!? First, scientists have described cases of psychogenic erectile dysfunction caused by condom use. Of course, this is a pathological condition (disorder), but its existence cannot be denied. There is even a clinical term: condom-associated erection problems (CAEP). Secondly, a condom can slightly decrease the sensitivity of the penis. Sexologists recognize that rubber can affect sex. However, according to studies, usually problems with erectile function when using condoms occur in men with already impaired potency, while completely healthy men do not have such complaints.

condom associated erection problems CAEP

Healthcare professionals remind: men who complain about potency problems associated with condom use usually need more time and more stimulation in order to be sexually aroused and achieve a stable erection. Therefore, let the sexual intercourse begin smoothly and without rushing. Don’t try to put on a condom in a hurry without being excited enough. Also, men who think that they have CAEP are advised to consult a specialist. Often they do not know how to put on a condom, and as a result of a long, tiring and inept procedure, they lose an erection. If a man cannot achieve a normal erection with a condom, sexologists may even advise him to masturbate with a condom first. This may seem somewhat weird advice, but it helps a male to get used to condoms.

It should be noted that Viagra and Cialis may be useful for psychogenic erectile dysfunction. They help to restore confidence in their abilities and then a man begins to successfully cope with his task in bed already without pills.

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Should You Use Condoms If You Have ED?

condoms and STDs

To use or not to use? Men who have a regular partner can try other methods of contraception (if they have an undesirable reaction to condom use). If a man has intermittent partners, it is better to use condoms, as they protect against STDs. Moreover, according to information on the official website of the UNAIDS (Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS), quality-guaranteed condoms are the only product available today that protects against HIV and other STDs during sex.

It is important: Viagra (sildenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil) are not methods for protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

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